[Resolved] Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations

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If you reading this post, I think you got this “Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations” Error on your WordPress login page, Am I right?

Ok ,

I will Guide you for this problem,

Why ?

This Error is caused by New Module Called ” Protect ” in Jetpack WordPress Plugin. this module is responsible for protecting the website from brute force attack & this module monitor visitor IP and if anyone login to various WP(WordPress) Websites from same IP(Internet Protocol) Then Their IP Automatically banned ie. Black Listed their IP.Maybe this module is useful to Protect website from hackers but eventually, if you didn’t add your IP in Whitelist, Your IP Also Banned anytime.  but actually I have more than 15 WordPress Websites All are hosted in Different Hosting Services in All Over the world [Some sites are hosted in the US (United States of America) and Some sites are in Canada, recently New Websites are Hosted in the UK (United Kingdom)]. But I access all websites from the Same IP. But Yesterday I got Problem. I am unable to login to My WordPress Based Website Because My IP banned by Jetpack WordPress Plugin.

Your IP has been flagged for potential security violations

Due to this, I am unable to login to another WordPress blogs Also. So Finally I got Frustration. Finally, i checked Official Document of Jetpack WordPress Plugin.

How to login after Lockout by Jetpack?

There 6 Different ways to login to Your WordPress Website. They are

  1. Another Tab Method
  2. WordPress Method
  3. Manual Method
  4. IP Change Method
  5. Buddy IP Method
  6. Plugin Disable Method

1.Another Tab Method

In this Method, if you already Open WordPress Dashboard or any backend page in another tab/browser, just navigate to that tab/browser and enter the following Link

Link: http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/edit.php  (Replace “your domain” With your URL )

Jetpack whitelist your IP

That Will Take you to Jetpack Settings page, then navigate to Security tab and go to IP Address Whitelist section & Whitelist your IP. [adinserter block=”1″]

2.WordPress Method [Easy Method]

WordPress Offers Easy & flexible platform for All WordPress Users,   Just login to WordPress.com then Select Specific Website ,  Then Navigate to Security  ==> Protect ==> Configure

Then Whitelist Your Current IP.

WordPress Whitelist IP

3.Manual Method

If you unlucky like me, so you won’t have access to whitelist your IP in Jetpack plugin. so you can continue with this method. In The Method, you Need to Access FTP of your Website and Under Public_Html,

Edit wp-config.php file

edit wp-config.php file in Notepad or any other text editor and add following code.


Whitelist Your IP in WordPress

Replace X.X.X.X with your IP

[wpsm_box type=”yellow” float=”none” text_align=”left”]
Type “What is My IP” in Google Search and you will get your IP

4.IP Change (Recommended)

You Can Change your IP with Some Free/Paid Software tools. But My Suggestion is You Can Use the Anchor Free HotSpot Sheild. You Can Easily Change your IP Without any Problem. I am already Using this tool since 4 years. You Can Change Your IP to Different Country or Different Continent also. [adinserter block=”2″]

5.Buddy IP

You Can go to your Neighbour / Friend ‘s Home Use their Computer/laptop/smartphone then login to your Website and White list your IP. This is Very Very Easy without any Problem. Hassel Free .

Same way if you have Smartphone, just recharge data pack for your Cellular Connection {3G/4G}. Then By Using Hotspot, you can access the internet by Laptop. So You can Access Website With Your Smartphone IP, then add your Original IP in Whitelist.

6.Plugin Disable

This is Last option, You Can Disable Plugin . Then You able to login your WordPress Website.

Final Thoughts

I Already Explain 6 Different Methods, By using these methods you can definitely overcome this problem, still, if you have any issues with WordPress Websites, Just Let Me know your issue by Comment Form, I will try to help you. and if you find out any another trick/method for this problem please let me know by Comment form, ShinyStartup , Article .I would love to hear your opinions / Doubts / Ideas / Feedback upArticle. And If you Love this Article Share with your Friends/Community and I know you never miss any single ShinyStartup, Email .Then Subscribe This Website NewsLetter From Here for Getting Latest updates Directly to Your Email.

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